In my workshop I use the experience and skills gained from over 40 years of working in varied environments. From an old fashioned engineering apprenticeship in welding and sheet metalwork to carpentry, plumbing and general maintenance and then into education. My engineers curiosity and thought processes have made me a problem solver. This helps in all areas of work and life in general.

      I try to make interesting, unusual, often quirky, practical and hopefully, high quality items from all materials that I hope others will like. 


      Passing on my skills and knowledge to others of any age is always rewarding and to see someone gain skills and confidence in the workshop is particularly pleasing.  I adapt my courses so that clients discover what they want to know in a relaxed and informal (but safe) atmosphere. Family groups are welcome as are individuals for craft based tailor made courses. 


     As time and resources allow I develop my ideas, some new, most have been stewing in my head for a (long) while. I like to re-purpose items into diverse forms to give new life by developing solutions to the practical problems using whatever is available rather than designing a product and then sourcing the materials and equipment to build. 


     The problem solver in me is always interested in making bespoke items and I am available for the commissioned pieces.


     My father taught me how to look after my tools and equipment and I now offer a sharpening and maintenance service for garden and workshop tools, catering and kitchen knives and scissors.


     I hope that I can help you


    Frank White

   BSc (Hons) Technology

Grandad's Workshop,

Unit 21 Westwood Business Park,

Margate CT9 4JJ 

01843 316387

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